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BFC Architectural Metals, Inc. is a locally owned metal fabricating company located south of downtown Seattle. We are dedicated to producing quality metal products by knowledgeable craftsmen. We have a broad spectrum of services to provide for the fabrication of your metal designs. We most often work with aluminum, stainless steel, copper and light steel. Our OMAX water jet is fast and efficient, operated professionally by certified personnel.

We work with architectural and design groups, commercial glass companies and local builders and private clients. We manufacture small to large items, some of which are incorporated with wood, stone or glass designs. Some of our work includes commercial and retail door frames, brake shapes, retail display shelving and paneling, counter accessories, architecturally designed furniture, railings for the interior and exterior, and sinks and counter tops, both stainless or copper.

We work with our customers to fine tune designs, from material to texture, color to powder coating, and even installation services.

We are open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

Known for earning the trust of our patrons, we value our customers and focus on their satisfaction with cooperative project management, communication and planning. We promote high achievement levels among our team and encourage ownership of projects. This allows our customers to experience the highest level of service.